Monday, October 5, 2009

You're Styling . . .

You can admit it or not, but you're styling . . . Look around , your style clues are everywhere. Which colors do your wear? Do you dress for comfort or elegance? Do you dress in bold pattern or time tested classics?
Be honest . . . what do you really love? Start collecting things you respond to, pull pages from magazines, pick up a few paint chips and fabric samples. Keep your options open and leave the editing for later.

I am working on my new guest room! Can you guess what style it is going to be? Look around and tell me, just how are you styling?


  1. A. Is this your house? O-WEE it's beautiful. I love the wood work.
    B. I'm a classic girl of classic colors.
    C. I heart iron/metal too so I really dig the wall art in the 3rd pic.
    D. Cute puppy!

  2. I used to have a house full of roses and very chic shabby.

    I am editing and have gone classic and tailored ... all neutrals ... even in the clothes on my back ...makes shopping a breeze and design a pleasure.

    pine cubbies, toile, old baskets, iron, old hotel silver, vintage glass, leather bound books, leather suitcases, burlap, graceful statuary, and of course my own redesigned furnishings .... these all make my heart throb!

    I'd say we might be on the same page with the guest room.

  3. I have always loved the old furniture, cupboards, china, chippy paint, oak tables, farm equipment, old suitcases, hand made furniture with worn paint or beauty makes, feather pillows and a new leather recliner.
    I like the way your room is coming along, more photos please!

    I dress for comfort in jeans and good shoes. Enjoy the Fall/Winter so I can wear sweaters and jackets with my jeans. sandi

  4. Mornin' Vicky...

    My friend, loved seeing your beautiful home! Of course, you know that I'm a huge fan of your style!!! Loved seeing that beautiful mantle in your dining room all dressed up in its fall finery! I'd love to take a peek at your guest room...will you be sharing it with us? Pleassssse!!!

    I think my style is very eclectic...I'm a mess! Hehe! I like so many different design styles and many of them are incorporated in my little eclectic home! Hehe! That's my story and I'm sitckin' to it! Girlfriend, I was asking your thoughts about the faux fireplace...thanks for your note! My next question you have any ideas on what to do with the fireplace opening? I noticed in the one photo that you posted...mirrors are used! I like that look but was wondering what else could be done? When you get a minute, I sure would appreciate some suggestions! Thanks Darlin'!!! Again, enjoyed the beautiful photos of your home!!!

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  5. enjoying visiting your blog!
    I'm styling in cheerios and play dough!!! Grins...
    Busy these days babysitting a two year old and mercy does it ever show.
    Blessings to you,
    d from homehaven

  6. * Since I sort of already KNOW where you're headed in this project, I just can't WAIT to see the END RESULT, V-girl!!!!

    "Take your time, but hurry!"~~~ (The good Lord OBVIOUSLY did NOT overdose ME on "patience"!!!)~

    Linda *

  7. It looks rustic/hacienda, big beams, painted chest,ironwork.

  8. Linda, I am about finished with the floors, I have the bedding, and the fabric is with the steamstress, I have the paint and I brought a oil painting .... I am working on it and about 100 other things...hahaha Stay patience, I will there someday!

  9. I wear lots of black or jeans with wild jackets! In my home, I love rich warm tones but am getting ready to upholster a couple of chairs in burnt orange! I would NEVER wear orange...I find warm colors more inviting for decor than the cool colors I wear.

  10. I am styling with comfortable old stuff that has a story to tell. I love calm colors, with a few brights thrown in once in a while, then I take them out and calm everything down again. Hugs, Cindy S.

  11. I like down to earth, practical clothing, hair, makeup and home decor that is easy care and comfortable but also feminine, fresh (current) and enchanting. I tone down the feminine around the house on account of my husband but it's very present in my wardrobe.
    I dream of having a guest room one day (that doesn't double as a home office) but in the meantime I shall look forward to seeing what you have done with yours.

  12. MMMM....can't wait to see it done,your right,I dress much like I decorate,lots of greys and blacks,with a bit of an edge I guess....anyway, hope you are well,talk soon,Chrissy

  13. * Gotcha~~~ So, it's NOW "the NEXT day"... "IS IT SOUP YET?"!!! Ha!

    Me *

  14. Love your style.

    I think I am pretty traditional. Dark woods, neutral walls, mostly neutral fabrics. It's funny I love that white, shabby look and am trying to do a bedroom in ithat style ... but it doesn't come naturally to me.

    Think you got to stay with your strengths!

  15. linda, you crack me break is over...back to the floors...

  16. I'm certainly traditional but with a twist (via pops of color, a conversation piece, a few things collected or memorable, a youthful/contemporary addition, mixed periods with commonality). Oh, yes, and I love a home with content dogs!

  17. Hi Vicky
    Thanks so much for the advice! I will try that. Cheers!

  18. Hi: I guess you already know this, but everything you do is beautiful. I am trying really hard to follow your rules of decorating. Your home is so pretty. I love it all. Blessings, Martha

  19. I went with my friend yesterday to a decorating house to look for things to stage a condo she built. I just could not believe the prices on a small table. 2 ft. red destressed $3,00.00. I liked it but not at that price. Maybe I need to look at more junk shops. I might find a diamond in the raw. Kathy

  20. Love your style, Vicky. And Linda won't spill the beans, so I guess I'll have to be patient too!

  21. Carol, just where have you been and did you kidnap Brenda?? thanks everyone for the comments, you know that I blog for comments.

  22. and thank you for visiting me. I will be checking in to see your future posts! Marla

  23. I'm classic and .....practical. Does that make me 'practically classy'? (Grin)

    I am very anxious to see your spare bedroom as I know it will be a delight......just like you are. Hugs -Brenda-