Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Time Bedroom ~ Update

I have made a few changes in my Master Bedroom and thought I would share . . . The big chance of course is the wood floors! But I also changed the drapes and some of the bedding. I am not a "Bedding in the bag" kind of gal so some of it stayed the same. I kept my lamps, but changed the shades , making a huge difference, but one that doesn't show because of the sunlight coming into the space.

I love cotton bedding , but it does wrinkle . . .

In any room I do, I try to add a "Element of Surprise", for this room , my antique high chair is serving as a night stand. I thought about styling this for you guys, but thought I would show it as it really is . . . I am always reading something, I have to have a clock and a picture of Tate near by .

The " Before", can you see what a few changes can do? I may go back to this darker look in the fall and winter . . . I love to change things with the seasons. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Become a Master of Editing"

When a space has very few things in it, everything becomes important, and noticeable.

When you dare to be spare, each piece will have a impact . . .

The space becomes peaceful and quiet.

Restful to the eyes and the soul.

Because sometimes, it not what's in a room, but what is not . . .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family Room ~ Update

I have been making a few changes here and there in my house. It is amazing what just a few minor changes can do to update a space. This is my very tiny family room, it has a large window behind the sofa, which I love , but it makes the lighting almost impossible for a good photo of the space. The floor was the biggest change! Have I said how much I am lovin my wood floors lately? I will never have wall to wall carpet again. I took the rug from my living room and replaced it with a larger one , this one works great for this space, another good reason to keep your colors flowing from one room to another in a home . . . I also got a new rocker for my little man, new lamp, an antique chest replaces the coffee table and I brought home a painting from a trip to Hong Kong.

I wanted to show some of the detail on the chest, it is midnight blue which goes great with flowers from my garden. That's " Cliffie's" place on the sofa and he moves for no one!!!

Sadly, the "Before ". . . I hate to even show it ! What changes have you made to your castle lately?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cool Stuff

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