Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does Your Decor Have A "Soul" ?

See the difference?


  1. Yes. I like the older one on top.
    My decor has an odd eclectic utilitarian old soul :)

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  3. Top pic tells a story of many layers. A home, someone lives here. Good books on their shelves, delicious food cooked in the kitchen. I can smell this home.

    Bottom pic is trying to sell something. Probably the tapestry.

    Top pic is a SANCTUARY.

    Bottom pic is a hallway at a modest hotel. And I can smell the disinfectant.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. First pic looks like a home, second one looks like a catalog.

  5. Perhaps the quaint town tapestry people could use a good stylist!!!

  6. It reminds me how the top pic is a blog, gives a person that warm home feeling of what a person has done themselves. The bottom pic is a glossy magazine spread,done with a team and too much perfection to be real.

  7. Yes I see it.

    The difference is so wide and varied.

  8. When I saw the first image, I just stared at the beauty. Then I scrolled down to the second and right away I knew what you were going for. I notice people do this with oil paintings too. Buy a new one that looks garish and think it's art.

  9. I'm catchin' what you're thrown'down ...

    decor here has so much soul ... I need to give some away

  10. I definitely enjoy all the soul your talking about, but it is funny how alot of people would look at the bottom one differently.
    When people have asked me to help them decorate, the second photo is usually the one they refer too, oddly enough. However, when I start putting it together, they will start to refer to my "cozy refined" style. I was never sure if that was compliment or not??
    I always kind of wondered what they meant, now I understand when I look at these to photos.

    I also want to thank you for visiting me and leaving your wonderful encouagement.
    Have a blessed day.

  11. I see exactly what you mean and you are right !

  12. Oh Yes good comparison, one tells a story and the other is generic that could have been put together at any big Box store, Night and Day!! Give me the first one any day!! Kathysue

  13. I do see what you are talking about and it's something that I have been thinking about for a while. So many photos that are floating around Blog land have been put together by a stylist, an interior designer and is so perfect. The best of everything is in it, but...it's missing something. It's missing "soul". You put your finger on it. Thanks.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  14. This is a perfect example why decorating and catalogue ordering is so dangerous for those with an untrained eye...completely void of any and soul!

  15. The items in the top photo look like they have stories to tell. They are old souls. What a beautiful space.

  16. This is such an interesting post! And I found all the comment so thought provoking. I am not a decorator, but love to decorate.

    The top photo calls me in, makes me want to discover it. It is inviting~ enen though what would you do with all those pillows if you wanted to sit down? The colors are soft and current yet aged. But I don't think it is very practical. If all I want to do is look at it, well it certainly get's my vote. But as a place to relax for a moment, no way! It seems to have a very lux cushion but it would be a lot of work to get to it. And then what would happen to the pretty picture~ with pillows strewn all around? And although I LOVE the pillows (I am a huge fan of tons of pillows),I think they sometimes act as a barrier. A "look but don't sit" subliminal sign.
    This arrangement is a very pretty, very well done space filler. And that is a perfectly acceptable thing.

    Actually, I think the second picture is also lovely. Boy, I just might take it on the chin here. Beautiful bench, beautiful table and accessories. Not such a beautiful tapestry. There are so many better options than that. With a FEW pillows, a little old silver on the table, a warn large basket on the floor and a grouping of transferware platters and plates (OR great old metalic mirror...) this setting would have some soul too! And I would add a little color somewhere. Maybe recover the bench. It is all too "brown". Sorta dead. The feel of this grouping is a little dated too. But with a couple of changes these wonderful pieces would look splendid.

    I don't have a "trained eye". And most people don't either, So we need to look at magazines, catalogues, decor books and BLOGS and add our own spin to it. I think some of the most acclaimed designers do the most hideous and impractical decorating! Herecy, I'm sure!

    Decorating to me is about living around things I love in the way I think they are beautiful. And about making a sanctuary for my family and all who enter my home. It is a continuing learning experience, and one I enjoy immensley.

    As you can see, this was a VERY inspiring post for me. Thank you so much for writing about something that made me think! And for giving me the grace to respond so freely.
    Bless your heart!

  17. yes, I can see it too. thankfully. Glad you're back online and glad I even noticed. I've been gone for a while and am taking my blog private to get rid of a few intruders. My wedding (in our home) is in 2 weeks and will be adding new tidbits on our simple decorating theme. So glad to see you!!

  18. Lovin all your comments, I too feel that the 2nd photo could have a soul with a few changes... I would start by painting the bench and then sand it off on the edges , make it look old. I would then wash the tapestry several times and then lay it in the sun for a few weeks... lol I hate faux books and plants so those would have to go, replaced by some real ones and a lamp. Take up the carpet, add some wood flooring, add a pillow or two... What would you do?

  19. Great, thought provoking post and comments. I feel so strongly that homes have "soul" and express who the people are who live in them. Many decorated rooms are gorgeous, but they could be hotel rooms - they are pretty, but have no soul. Anyone could live in them, but if you walked in you would not get any sense whatsoever of the people who inhabit them.

  20. Love the first pic! More expressive to me! Although you see a decor in the background of the 2nd picture, the decor in the first picture is more "living"!!
    Have a nice weekend Vicki!