Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Gutsy" that's a good word for it . . .

Don't you just love people that take chances? The rare few that color outside the lines, dance to a different tune. How many of you would have the guts to do this black wall? I know I wouldn't and yet, I love it.

Check out all the different fabric and colors here . Fun, fun , fun and then they go all serious and hang that artwork.

I would never hang that light fixture, I don't even think it goes, but is sure is cool. I would say this designer is "Gutsy". When you take a few chances, it makes for a room that people will remember and talk about.

Would you consider doing a dining room like this? Do you like it?

When taking chances and being gutsy, accessories are the safest way to go. They are easy to change and don't require a big commitment. Are you "Gutsy"? I don't think I am, but I do admire those that are . . . Take a look around your castle, where have you been " Gutsy"? I would love to hear about it.


  1. yep, I do love that black wall. the damask look of it is such a contrast to all the natural wood in the room. a great look...

  2. You always bring us the most intriging images to make us think! Absolutely LOVE the second room. I even like the artwork because what was serious is now whimsical in this setting. Yes, I would call the turquoise chandeleir gutsy but it definitely works! Can't say the dining room does a thing for me!

  3. I like a couple of these rooms and some I don't care for at all. It is sometimes hard to know what makes a room is not always following the rules - just that certain something. Talent I think, has a great deal to do with it.

  4. I like the black wall and the room is nice. The other rooms are not very restful. To much color. sandi

  5. Good collection of images - each room is intriguing. There is something in every single one that I like.

  6. * Sooooo funny, Vicky, as on Sunday I was discussing "black walls", on a very long-distance call w/ a dear friend (who is VERY traditional in her design preferences), & SHE said "WELL, Y*O*U COULD AWAY WITH IT, LINDA!"... We laughed... I knew what she MEANT tho and YES, I WOULD NOT MIND a black wall or even most of the room (!), provided there was alot of the RIGHT lighting (natural & otherwise)... Remember "waaay back when", when we used the word "camp" (meaning very "now")??? Well, I think it would be SOOO "CAMP"!!!

    The truth be told, I HAVE been "toying" w/ the idea of black or navy blue walls for a while, but when I think of what would happen if it looked "s___tty", & the enormous expense of having "Picasso" REpaint over a freshly painted space ~YET ONCE AGAIN~, I think "Nope, not gonna DO it!"... (Besides, how long would it be til the "fun/daring" of it all just plain ol' "wore off"... THENNNN where are we??? We're stuck w/ walls that need a gazillion coats of PRIMER just to START, & one "pretty upset" painter! (SMILES!)...

    Personally, I ADMIRE people taking chances in ALL KINDS of things/ways... But for a little while longer, or at least for NOW anyway, I guess you could say it IS "ON MY BUCKET LIST"!!!!!!

    Biiiig smiles n' lotsa hugs to you n' Tater Tot,

  7. P.S. Altho it's not my "normal style", I LOVVVVE N' ADORE that turquoise chandy!!!... MAYBE it's BECAUSE it's turquoise & I like that color!?!?!?!... XO

  8. I think I am only 1/2 gusty! I might do a dark wall but black I am not so sure. Although I do like it! I find the "faces" wallpaper intriguing! But I also think a little splash of color in the room would be fun! Love this post Vicky!

  9. I love the drama of that black wall and the hugs cow hide. The rest of the room is pretty traditional, so it really plays up the drama of the black.
    The second room is really gorgeous, very warm and sink-in comfy looking, the green wt's are so perfect.
    I love the turquoise chandy, I would be scared to death to try that, though.
    The second din. rm. does nothing for me, not good or bad. Well, I don't care for the hands on the table.
    The hallway is gorgeous, I really love that.
    I love the fact that you make me really think...I love your posts.
    Hugs, cindy

  10. i love the quirky face wallpaper in the foyer!

  11. always love visiting your place. you offer such thought-provoking topics!

  12. Linda, you need a blog !!! All those that agree say "Amen". You have so much to offer... I know it would be great!

  13. Vicky, I don't know that I am the most "gutsy" person around, but I do like things that create "consternation" in the viewer. I am perplexed at how often people use the word "scared" when talking about decorating. Mario Buatta once said, "Decorating should be fun. It's not rocket science". I hung a grouping of the heads of 5 old pitchforks above a bed in one of our guesthouses--very graphic... and you wouldn't believe how many people comment on them. One gentleman even emailed me from Australia to tell me that it was bad Karma! I say bring on the gutsy! Great post, Vicky!

  14. Love this Terry! Keep it fun, it's not rocket science... so true! And it sounds like your gusty heads had them talking...and isn't that what it is all about!

  15. Vicky, I wish I were more gutsy, actually have been thinking about that very thing the last couple of days. A black wall or room would be brave for me and I would love to be that brave, Kathysue

  16. I think I've become less gutsy with age. It seems that the gutsy things that I've done in the past don't withstand the test of time.

    I DO really like gutsy uses of color, particularly room #2 with the bold drapes.

    However the turquoise chandelier feels too unsettling to me, I think it is because the entire room is monochromatic and I really like it that way. I think it is the boldness that bothers me, black or a softer shade would have felt better to me. (Although I have considered purchasing an antique chandelier in that same color!!!)

    I'm sitting on some black wallpaper for a powder room. I'm thinking I'll go for it after reading this!