Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"My" Top Ten Elements of Design # 2

#2 : Element of Surprise * When a space has a "Element of Surprise", there will always be something of interest in the room . . . something to talk about! For my very simple 80's house to have a copper vessel sink, on a concrete top, is always surprising to everyone that enters. They always come out of the bathroom with something to say about it.

But your element of surprise does not have to be a "show stopper", an antique high chair used as a night stand can work as well.

In my family room, it's the art . . . to have a self Portrait on the wall is always a surprise. I also get alot of comments on the painting that my husband did for me on my 16th birthday. Yes, all "Elements of Surprise".

In my guest room, it's the stairs used as a nightstand with the photo of my grandparents, that's her wedding ring and watch too. Something to talk about, people want it, so give it to them.

I know this will come as a surprise to all of my loyal followers . . . I am always so careful not to show the line of deer heads that tower over my living room. There's 5 of them, and I fought hard NOT have this little surprise in my home, but lost that fight . I am so glad that they are not as taboo as they once were. I admit I have gotten used to them and they don't even bother me anymore. Always a topic of conversation, and to see the big smile on my honey's face . . . priceless ! So tell me, what are you surprising your guest with?


  1. OMG How cool!
    Cool dear.
    And I love the grandmother touches :)

  2. all I have laying around is wonderful junk ...

    like yours!!!

    you know how to take my humor, right?

  3. I feel so inspired now!
    ~Element of surprise~
    Hmmm....Sometimes I do this without knowing.
    But I will have to make more of a conscious effort so put a little "WOW" in my rooms!
    Thanks Vicky!

  4. Great concept...useful in the garden too. The mirrored backsplash in my kitchen is an element of suprise - it sounds a bit flashy but it really fit in. You have some wonderful suprises in your home. (-:

  5. Hi Vicky girl, how you doing....its been forever, but i see you are still posting away some very interesting threads. Im not sure i have anything that is surprising in our home. However, I bought a cabinet for 10 dollars at a yardsale and painted it in a cream color (you can see it on my sidebar, with the tv on it) I do get alot of compliments on it, and to be honest, as simple as it is, the cabinet is my piece of furniture in our home. Hope all is well with you and oh by the way congrats on your new adorable grandbaby.

  6. I'm lovin' your top ten list!
    I love your deer line up. I think it's great when the man of the house has his own elements of surprise!!!
    There are a couple of these guys chewing on my crab apple trees that may end up in a line up of my own!!

  7. Love everything except the deer. My hubby a big room 13 x 14 to put his books and collect ables in along with a TV. We don't watch the same things. He also has a big desk to do his writing and using his computer on.Love your bathroom.

  8. I am SO glad you showed us the DEER!!! LOVE the deer!! I don't have any in my house...ONLY because we haven't mounted any YET. I KNOW my oldest will have some in his home when he has his own one day...God bless his wife! ;)

  9. Your home is beautiful, Vicky! I do have a lot of stuff in our home to surprise guests, lol. Come by for a visit, you might see some...Christine

  10. I love your surprise elements. An element of surprise does add to the decor of one's home. Of course you know I love the deer trophies. Quite a surprise! And your portrait too. My home? Possibly all my oil paintings everywhere. And the dog! He surprises everyone!

  11. Oh my,Vicky! What a surprise! I love them in your lving room, but I don't know what I would say if my honey wanted them in our living room. I do love antler chandeliers, though.
    Your home is so warm and comfortable looking. I love all of the surprises. I don't think there are many in my house, although, my home is definitely not traditional, any longer. I know some people wonder why I use some of the things that I use. Or perhaps those are my surprise elements.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. I love a good surprise. One of my own -- in a former home of ours -- was using 19th century roof tiles as my backsplash.

  13. How did I miss this post. I must admit the deer heads are a surprise. I once had a client actually two clients that were married to hunters. It was not deer we were decorating around but carabou and one hubby went on Safari's need I say more, talk about a surprise!!!

  14. Okay now you have me wanting to know, what is the other trend catching up to me?

  15. Yes...those deer heads were a suprise. I really loved the part about the photo of your grandparents and her jewelry...very sweet :)

  16. LOVE surprises .... but I must admit I do have a thing about taxidermy creatures Ms. Vicky. One of my chilhood hangups that I haven't outgrown, but I do ADORE all your other suprises. (Please forgive.) -Brenda-

  17. We have a deer head in our house too, not the living room but still in a very visible place at the top of the stairs and always gets talked about. :)
    Just blog hopping and found yours. I love your blog!

  18. I need more surprise, and this is a great post! Deer don't bother me, I grew up with antlers as hat hooks! Living with what makes us who we are is the best thing we can ever do for ourselves!