Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quriks or Sensibilites

Kathysue, at "Good Life of Design", had a great post today ! http://goodlifeofdesign.blogspot.com/ It's one of those post that makes one stop and think about themselves. I just loved it and wanted to share it with my readers. She talks about her own "quirks" and ask that we each think about what it is that we really need to be happy in a space. One of my own "quirks" is that I have to have a great bed! I want the best sheets and the best down pillows that I buy. I take my own things with me when I travel . . . Yes, it is a big Quirk, for me.
I also want a clean, uncluttered home, especially the kitchen. I love this kitchen, but I could never leave out the blender and toaster oven ! No way! I have a hand held can opener, I take out my toaster and coffee maker each morning and put them back away before I leave the kitchen.

I have to have warm colors, No bright turquoise for me, thank you! Love this room! For me , this would be perfect.

I could also be very happy here. Warm fire, books and cozy chairs, what else does one need really?

But this is what Kathysue needs . . . a faucet facing the middle of the sink . . . it is the small things , always the small things . . . What is it that you need?


  1. Wow!! Vicki this is fantatic, thankyou,thankyou for the shout out. I love finding out what your Quirks are and also to see the pictures. I am with you on the bedding. I love nice sheets and I can not tell you how many pillows I have purchased jut to find the right ones. In fact I think that is a great idea for a post,note to self,hehe. Thank you again, I would love it if others in blog land would do this same thing,it would be so fun to read everyone's Design Quirks!! Kathysue

  2. Vicki, I just gave you a shout out on my blog post,I put it at the very end. Thanks again, I am having so much fun!!!

  3. So gals, make your own post and be sure to let Kathysue and I know about them. Thanks!

  4. I need/want the sink faucet-thing-y ...

  5. Though I don't have many ... live plants!
    (your photos today are beautiful)

  6. I have to have a bed that is all fluffy and not too made up. I love big cusy comforters and cotton duvets, soft quilts, high count sheets and the best pillows money can buy.
    And tons of shams and throw pillows.

    I also love soft, warm colors and lots of whites and creams. And my kitchen has to be clean, clean, clean.

    Great post. Love it.


  7. I am going over to check out her blog, thanks for sharing it.

  8. I'll have to go read her post.

    I need the toilet paper to roll from the top down. I need my hand towels on the bathroom sink to be folded neatly after use. Area rugs and pictures need to be straight. Those are just a few off the top of my head, but I'm sure I have others!


  10. Isn't Kathysue's blog terrific?
    It's so thought provoking!
    I just did a post on laundry rooms. I finally got around to updating it and thought you might like it after reading your post about the laundry room a few weeks ago.
    I have many quirks...I think I will have to do a post and own up to them soon!

  11. I put on a fresh pillow case everyday!

  12. Love all of your inspiration pictures (even the one with the blender and toaster left out. laurie

  13. HA! I too cannot have the blender or toaster out. I only leave the coffee maker out because I am usually to much of a zombie to hunt for it in the morning. Need my java as quickly as possible! ;) I'm headed over to check out her post.

  14. Just finished reading her post. Didn't realize I had so many "quirks" Let's see..
    1) HAVE to turn on the fountain on our patio every morning because I NEED to hear the sound of running water.
    2) HAVE to light candles
    3) MUST have music playing
    4) I am guilty of the faucet thing too ;)

  15. What a fun post! I just know that I can't sleep at night until my kitchen is all tidy --dishes done and floor swept! Oh, and I have to have dimmers on all my lights too. And a down pillow, down comforter/duvet cover year round with fresh air while I sleep. But that's it, really...I think. -Lili

  16. where is that picture - the neale living room from? i'm in love!!!
    will you please do the brinson room too!!! please!!!!!

  17. A claw foot tub, open windows, dogs, linen sheets and fresh flowers.

  18. I have to have throws everywhere. I am always cold and love to have one in arms reach always and of course they must be beautiful.

  19. *** The other day a young teen placed three consecutive fingers to one side of her face (w/ thumb & baby finger behind), opened her mouth to form a HUGE "O",and rested three consecutive fingers, once again, on the OTHER side of her face. Jim & I were befuddled til we saw these young gals sweetly chuckling over a darling (well, to THEM, anyway!) young man who had just passed by~~~ YES, they were NON-VERBALL saying "WOW", and we just cracked up (and felt pretty OLD, too! Ha ha!)....... It was precious!!!

    Wellll.... I NOW pass that "WOW" on to you YOU, dear pal!!!!!! ~~~ The pics here are great and ONCE AGAIN, MORE PROOF we were separated at birth!!! Uh-huh!!!.....

    I am NUTTY about "that last 10 seoonds" of kitchen duty~~~ everything cleaned, wiped dry, STRAIGHTENED KITCHEN FAUCET PERFECTLY ALIGNED, NOTHING extraneous left out, etc.... just all pretty, clean, shiny & bright w/ the coffee made & pre-set (to be freshly brewed at precisely the time we arise)....it makes getting UP such a LOVELIER experience, doesn't it, ESPECIALLY when your Prince is beside you as you share the morning paper together???

    ... and CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???? ***** I STILL, after allllll these years, leave a little light (a bronze bunny w/ lil' linen shade)on alllll night, just in case a BURGULAR comes a "strollng by"!!!!! (You know, girlfriend, I want the house to LOOK GOOD in case the police come~~~ )...

    Can't LIVE w/o DIMMER SWITCHES in EVERY (and I mean EVERY!) room in the house... Lamps always lit in the main part of the house (where I am most of the time)... at least one FRESH FLOWER on each of our nightstands whenever possible, ALWAYS fresh water in Belle's dish (but for the life of us can't figure out WHY she prefers water from the pool or spa intead!~~~ Crazy, adorable dawg!)...

    OMG, just cuz "I" couldn't sleep, I'm just a ramblin' on here... sorry, Vicky-girl!

    Much love & many hugs to all,

  20. Love all these images Ms. Vicky!

    MAJOR QUIRKS: Drawers and doors... partially opened or closed. Drives me crazy!

    Chairs askew around a table. I have to straighten them!

    Toilet tissue rolls...must roll from the top down. Yes, I've been known to change them in Public washrooms!

    'Stark white' window frames/mutin bars...on a stone clad home. I want to paint them!

    Etc. etc...........oh the list goes on.
    FUN POST! -Brenda-

  21. I put my appliances away too :) I just love a minimalist kitchen :)

  22. Hi Room Service:
    Great post!I need books & more books!

    By the way, congratulations on the new baby!

  23. The first thing I do in the morning is straighten up the pillows and throws on the couch. I agree with you on the warm colors, no white walls for me !

  24. Vicki I think you and I were sep.at birth...I can not stand to see toasters and such out,use them...put them away,even our kids know to do that(or I would kill them)...we were cut from the same cloth thats for sure! xoxox

  25. Hey "granny." So good to hear from you -- and hope both your baby and grandbaby are happy and well. What will the baby call you? Maybe someday for me.....I hope. Love each of the rooms here. I always really want a great stove/oven and a deep kitchen sink. (Actually, I have a list..ha.) warmly, -susan

  26. Hi Vicky,
    Well, I'm too busy to have quirks these days. Nothing seems to bother me about my home. I've been in human machine mode working on furniture. A good night sleep, and a shower each day is about all I care about anymore, when it comes to "me". The little things are so meaningless these days.
    I wanted to thank you so, so much for your comment about my animal post. God bless you too. I mean it very much. You're a wonderful person. Blogland is lucky to have you.
    xoxoxo Kelly

  27. Light and air and pattern and blue. Dark winter days = many lamps on all day. I hate having to keep the house closed up while it's cold out. I'd rather freeze with a window open. Can't live without patterned fabrics and tried for a while to live without blue but couldn't do it!

  28. All I need right now is to win the Lottery. Guess that means I'd have to play it though, right?
    I'm a total bed snob. Gotta have my down! I also travel with my own "stuff". And I love a really great bar of French milled soap!

  29. I would love to know how to find this bed frame that is pictured in this post, any ideas?

  30. To Anonymous re the bed frame you might find it or something similar to it at the following website: Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper (Category BEDS).

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