Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trends and Fads

Trends and fads are about staying current. Most are bits of whimsy. Have you noticed a lot of crowns around lately?
One trends that has caught me by surprise is the light blue door... I keep seeing them everywhere.

I don't think there is anything negative about following the fads, though I rarely do. One must constancy be willing to change and change is a good thing. It puts a smile on your face whenever you spot one.

Are you smiling?


  1. I have a pretty and LARGE crown I just purchased at Hobby Lobby for 80% off! I love it. Using it in my bedroom though. Not bc it was 'trendy' but bc I really liked it and the price of $5 was a steal.

  2. Love that doggie tushie! What is with all of the crowns I'm seeing lately? I just can't make myself embrace them.... yet!


  3. Linda/ "Mom..."March 1, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    Personally, I adooooore these blues~~~ and "heavenly" is the word that comes to mind when seeing them. They're soooo refreshingly classic! Thanks, girlfriend, for the treat!

  4. Trends and fads come and seem to me, most of the time, to go rather quickly. I tend to favor things that are more in the "classic" vein, they seem to have more endurance and for me are more pleasing.

  5. Of course I am smiling Ms. Vicky as I love the color 'blue'!

    Not to start a debate but I like to think there is a distinction between a trend and a fad.

    To me a 'trend is more of a direction or journey that something is heading in'. The result could be a classic and have longevity.

    On the other hand 'a fad' is that something which is widespread' but the result is generally short-lived. Make sense?

  6. Nice photo of the house (smile) !
    I bet I start seeing these blue doors everyone now . . . isn't that how it goes?! (And I considered, believe it or now, buying a crown the other day! Not for the yard but for my shelf.) See ya, -susan

  7. Well,yes,i am smiling.I want a crown,ha.And I like the blue door....Ann

  8. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    How are you doing today? Hope that my little note finds you well!

    Hehe...I know, I know...fads!!! But I do love these little crowns and have two of them!!! Of course, I love anything "frenchy" and they just call my name, "Bon jour, mon ami Chari!"...Hehe!!! Okay...I must admit that I'm just getting used to painting the doors black...and now they're doing blue??? As you can see, I'm not always up on the fads...I'm always behind the times!

    Have a marvelous Monday, Sweetie!

  9. Makes perfect sense brenda. I could not put my thoughts together lastnight... but you are so right debate! lol

  10. What a BRIGHT and HAPPY post! LOVE that crown!
    I'm soooo happy you like your painting...
    Another painting will be coming your way this week!

  11. I adore the new precious crowns!

    I had not heard about the Blue doors. ~Beautiful. :)

  12. Vicky, how are you my friend? I'm a bit out of the loop usual.. I too have noticed all the crowns.. although pretty I think I'm going to pass on purchasing any of them. Can't wrap myself around looking at them all the time.. I haven't seen the blue door craze..I must keep an eye out for those..thanks for the visit girl.. I too am sooooo ready for Spring and green... hugs ~lynne~

  13. I love the light blue! A trend I hope will stay around for awhile. This is so funny that you should show a crown because I bought one over the weekend and now have no idea what to do with it! Haha! :-) Love ya! L~

  14. I'll be searching the streets of San Francisco on the drive home this evening for blue doors this evening . . . lol.

    and the first 'interior' image is charming!
    thanks for posting,

  15. Yes, I am smiling at your post but I am crying cause I don't have a crown yet. Waaaah!...Christine

  16. Hey girl....the blues are beautiful but I haven't really used blues in the last few years..although I love seeing blues and browns and blues with white....usually if I do follow a trend and it really doesn't call me I change it back pretty quick! lol Like the toile fabric in my cabinet doors...I loved them because I love toile but the country in me loves my open cabinets more so I have taken them out of the glass fronts cabinets int he kitchen and left them in my little hutch in the dining room! lol

  17. Yes, I am smiling! thanks so much for your comment!!!!


  18. Vicky: I really don't know how you and other Bloggers do it and I commend everyone of you.

    Just hope I didn't come across as being critical as you are so dang knowledgable and I sincerely love your style of writing and the format of your Blog. {{Brenda}}

  19. I for one concur with your evaluation of the difference between trend and fad. I just didn't know how to express the difference. I am challenged that way (being able to succinctly express myself).

  20. I'm kinda liking those blue doors! :-) It would have to be on the right house, though. Very interesting. Thanks for keeping us up to pics!

  21. Interesting. My house has a very neutral exterior and I've been thinking of a blue door.