Thursday, May 28, 2009

"It's Good to be Home"

Home is where we spend a large part of our time ~ where we experience life's joys and escape life's hassles.
Whenever I return from a vacation I always think, it's good to be home. . .

I love my home, it's not big, or fancy, maybe a bit wabi-sabi , but it's where we live and love.

I do my best to make it attractive and comfortable, a very simple goal. But a high priority for me.

When you walk into your home and see your own bed waiting . . . do you too think, "It's Good to be Home?"


  1. Vicky, I enjoyed seeing more of your home, it really is beautiful. Sasha

  2. Hi Vicky,
    You have a beautiful home and I see why you love it so much.....It is very evident that making your home attractive and comfortable is important to you as it shows in all the details...I could move right in!
    Thanks for sharing your delightful and beautiful personal space...
    Take care, Laura

  3. * Good lovely, sunny, morning dear Vicky!

    What a DEEEELIGHTFUL post, ESPECIALLY since altho I "know" parts of your wonderful, charming, creative & loving home from our RMS days together, I had never SEEN that FIRST pic~ and it's just SOOOOOOO WONDERFUL it causes one's heart to "skip a beat" and end up in "fairytale land!"!!! ENCHANTING girlfriend, just ENCHANTING! (Those GARAGE DOORS are simply FAB!)~~~

    I'm sooo "with you" on the heartfelt feelings running thru me when arriving home (ESPECIALLY after spending nights away!!!). And to US, there really IS "NO PLACE LIKE HOME"!!! (And as YOU know, that's also where our love-bug, "THE BELLE-GIRL" is waiting for us~ on our BED of course!!!).

    Yep, "IT DOESN'T get any BETTER than THAT!"~~~~ no way, no how!!! Life I*S good!!!

    Love n' THANKS so much for this perky, pretty post today!

    Linda *

  4. 1. You have a gorgeous home!
    2. Marvelous floors.
    3. Love the fireplace.
    4. I love how vacation makes you appreciate home. I also love returning to my beloved bed.

  5. I love this post. I just got back from a trip to Long Island NY. We had to drive back to LaGuardia and my family member ensured me he knew the way. Well he didn't and we got lost. I was so anxious about getting back home! My motto is the only thing worse than missing a flight away from home is missing your flight home. I love my home and I too have worked had to make it beautiful and welcoming to me and my husband. Great post.

  6. Ahhhh Ms Vicky, just like Dorothy (and Linda) said "there is no place like home". Your laneway may not be 'the yellow brick road' but those pretty daffodils (?) would certainly be a welcoming sight.

    Hugs -Brenda-

  7. What a beautiful home to come to! I always feel the same way driving in the driveway.

  8. Good to see you sasha! Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. Kim Evans is new to my blog, I am asking all my readers to stop by her blog today... thanks

  9. Hi there...just popped over from another blog and added myself as a follower. I LOVE your blog and your love of colors. Your home is beautiful....I'm a "color" girl too!

  10. You have a beautiful and very welcoming home, Vicky. And you are right about a nice feeling coming home to a home sweet home after a vacation. I feel the same way after a trip....Christine

  11. Your home is beautiful- very warm and cozy! I do feel the same way about our home as my Mom always says nice to go but the best part is coming back home.
    Your driveway is also beautiful!

  12. We always say that when we come home from a trip. It's nice to go somewhere, but it's nicer to come home. :)


  13. you have a very beautiful home!and yes theres no place like HOME...

  14. I love your home and the warmth in evokes. I always say there's no place like home! You've done such a great job on your own Shangrilah! (Did I spell that right?)

  15. oh vicky i love your home, its so beautiful, warm and cozy. I love coming home after being away, its really true when they say "theres no place like home" I expect with the nice weather coming on many of us likely wont blog as often as we will have so many things to do outdoors and thats okay as long as you stop in off and on and give me a vicky g/f

  16. I love your home and your yard.....oh and your fireplace and that lamp and those candles and all your other stuff too! ~Athella

  17. yes, oh yes ... your home beckons!!!

    I always feel welcomed by the familiarity of the sights and smells, too of our circa 1870 farmhouse ... I can see why you feel the same.


  18. Vicki, We were gone for the Memorial Day weekend. We always feel the same way when we get home. You have a very nice home. I can see why you would miss it!
    Hugs, Terrie

  19. It is so nice to sleep in one’s own bed after being away. Especially one as lovely as yours is. Cathy

  20. Your home is the long drive with the flowers. Home is THE BEST place to be!

  21. As a professional organizer I spend a lot of my time working with people who hate coming home because it means facing all their clutter -- creating a sense of calm and beauty in your home is no small thing and your family (and you) are blessed to have such a lovely home to come home too. I think that any investment in your home that makes it a welcoming haven to return to at the end of the day or after a trip away is money well spent. thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely home!

  22. only if i made my bed before i left!!! hahahah

    your house looks beautiful!!! :)

  23. I have always love your drive way. It is good to go away then you are happy to get back to what you missed,HOME! Kathy

  24. Good morning, Vicky! I just noticed your dormers about the garage. Do you have a room up there? I was just wondering cause dh and I have been considering adding a room above ours and I want to put 3 dormer windows cause it's a 3 car garage. Do you think it will look ok even if the rest of the house has only 1 story?...Christine

  25. "wabi sabi" must translate to SUPER BEAUTIFUL! You have a lovely home!

  26. wait wait wait - this is so gorgeous! i am dying!!!


  27. Lovely home! I do agree with you. As much as I love travel there is nothing better than crawling in your own bed for a good nights sleep.


  28. If this was my home, I'd be happy to return to it as well. You had me at "hello," to use a trite but true line. The flower-lined drive introduces the land and your home well. It all says comfortable, relaxing yet stylish... perfectly lovely!! I love to see where my blog friends live. Thanks for the mini tour, -susan

  29. Hi Mizz Vic!

    You know I am liking your pretty home as my 5's attested to on RMS. I need to catch up to what I missed on your great blog.



  30. HI,

    I am new to your blog it's loveley, came across you via Debra @ The Bunnies Bugalow....I will be back !!

    Yes I so agree it's always nice to come home :) By the way you have a very nice one.

    Nice to meet you.

    All the best,
    Kathy :)