Saturday, August 29, 2009

Asian Influence

I have been in a Asian mood lately . . . I made sweet and sour soup with egg rolls last night for dinner and now I am drinking black tea with my breakfast. So I thought I would go all the way and do a Asian post this morning. I've had these photos in my files for awhile and hope you guys like them.

However, this is my real experience with China . . . My daughter in her high rise apartment in Hong Kong . . . Notice how low the counters are, and all the beautiful accents . . . I only wish I had taken a photo of my son in law using the ironing board . . .


  1. WOW! I never thought of myself as an asian decor fan, but these are very appealing, especially the first one. It's primitive look really appeals to me. Your daughter is many miles away. You must miss her. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Marsha, thanks so much for commenting! The good news is that my daughter came back home a little over a year ago and is now building a house right next to her mama...we also have a grandbaby on the way! Life is good on this side of the mountain.

  3. * G' morning, "GRAMA!"~~~~~

    Life IS good, & looking EVEN BETTER this a.m. w/these beautiful & most calming photos. That first one TRULY KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF, tho~~~ the beauty is in the SIMPLE ELEGANCE, so QUIETLY UNDERSTATED that I can't IMAGINE not feeling at peace with the world!!!

    And BTW, your daughter looks SO CUTE there!!! (The last time a photo had MY "derriere" in it, everyone thought it was a picture of an eclipse~~~ ahhh, "lucky are the YOUNG"!!! Smiles!!!)~

    Many hugs this wonderful Saturday!

  4. I've never considered myself a fan of Asian decor either, but I must say I notice a serene feeling from all of these pictures. How nice that you will have your family so close, especially with a new grandbaby!

  5. Love its tranquility. Also it is extremely versatile since you can often mix it with other styles of decor quite easily. (ie: Goes exceptionally well with British Colonial and French Provincial.)

    Your daughter is so cute! Recall when mine was over in Japan (a number of years ago, professionally modelling) she often complained about the short length of the bathtubs.

    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Hugs -Brenda-

  6. Congrats on a grandbaby on the way! May all go very well.

    I'm nearly 6 feet tall, so the lower counters would lead to a backache. Not good for me, but not a problem for many others.

    The decor is gentle on the eye. Very pretty.

  7. Congratulations!

    I love the stairwell too.

    That photo of your daughter is so cute.

  8. I lived in Hong Kong for three years and my house definitely has Asian influences. I do however enjoy the larger area we have to live in here in Australia but there are times when I wish I was back in Hong Kong - the food, the buzz, the live-in helper!

  9. Jennifer, Lace's does miss having someone do all her cooking and cleaning, but she would not go back to China for anything...they could not get used to not have fresh air... thanks for commenting.

  10. I will have to be different here today, I have never liked Asian decor. You know me, I have to be honest. Your daughter looks so cute bending down to the sink. Congrats on your grand baby soon to come. Grands are the BEST!!! Hugs, Cindy S.

  11. I agree with Cindy, I mean I have to be honest, I have never cared for Asian decor, it is probably one of my least favorites.

    Congratulations about the grandbaby! That is really cause for celebration.


  12. Hey congradulations!!! Your daughter is so cute...but asian decor...not a chance!! There is nothing I like about it,I don;t know why I just don't! Hope you are well,talk soon,Chrissy

  13. Hi! I thought this was my second time commenting on this post... but I don't see another so I apologize for not telling you before how much I like the images here. So much so that the first one got stuck in my head all weekend and I ended up "borrowing" it for my own post today (with credit to you, of course!). I hope you don't mind! I had a very "Asian" weekend just by chance and your under the stairwell image became part of it. Come take a look. Seems like you're pretty immersed in Asian yourself with your daughter living in China. What an adventure!

  14. Gasp. Must have the table in the first picture! So lovely. After running around China, I developed a deep respect and appreciation for Asian pieces.