Saturday, August 1, 2009

Collecting Art

Art is the one thing you can put in your home that will not ever need "updated". If you love a piece of original art it will become something that you can keep forever. It need not be expensive either, there is great art out there at all price ranges. This is a piece I lovely take out every Dec. my mom painted it for me.
This is a painting I purchased some time back from Fifi Flowers Be sure to check out her blog for more of her work.
Most of the art in my home is original with the exception of a few pieces used in my bedrooms . . . and I plan to replace those as I find pieces I love and the funds to cover them. I got this piece on a trip I took to Hong Kong. (Buying art when traveling will always take one back to that place and time.)

Never buy art to match your sofa ect. Buy what makes your heart sing . . . this is a pastel of me when I was 13 years old, done by a neighbor boy. I took alot of kidding over this one . . . but when we built our home, he gave it to me as a house warming present.

Not a good picture of this watercolor, but my camera is not taking the best pictures for me these days. (I think it is time for new one. ) I wanted to include it because of everything I own this is my favorite thing. It was done for me as a 16th Birthday present , painted by my boyfriend, now husband. I will share more of my collection at a later time and I would love to hear about your own collection.


  1. Aparently, you have always been surrounded by artists! What a lucky girl you are!Beautiful artwork... Tami E.

  2. Most of my art is family made. As I told you before, my brother paints with different mediums so I have oil paintings of Red Wing crocks and Mother-in-law tongue plants, pigs in fields of daisies, toads, owls, pen & inks of trees, water colors of landscapes and plants in terra cotta pots, baskets of apples and of course, Robin's in nests. My Dad creates copper art of cattails in my game room, and Sunflowers in my livingroom. I wouldn't change it out for anything. It was all crafted with love. ~ Robyn

  3. You have wonderful art. What a great treat to have one done by your mother. Sadly, I don't have many originals but maybe that will be my next task in re-making my decor.


  4. * Beautifully sentimental, Vicky-girl~~~ and one of THE BEST ways to acquire wonderful, "speaks-to-you-forever" art, IMHO!... (Annnd, the hubs is a DEAR to "let" you keep & hang the pretty pastel by your young, teenage, male friend... MAYBE because HIS work of art is close by?!?! ... Insert "happy smiles" here!!!)~~~

    Hope you're enjoying a LOVERLY WEEKEND!!! Big hugs,
    Linda *

  5. Would you believe I don;t really own any art?? We have had a few pictures over the years,but nothing that I really loved,our walls are filled with other things,I do have 3 shell prints in the dining room that I just love but thats about it! Hope you are well my friend,talk to you soon,x0x0

  6. i loved the very first one by your mom....

  7. You have a talented mother and husband. I don't have any paintings, just a few prints. I love prints of children and Norman Rockwells. I'm sure he is now passe, but I enjoy it, so I keep it. I do have several photos that my husband took on his trip to Africa and I have had them enlarged and framed. I will do a post on them one day. Hugs, ~cindy s~

  8. In restaging Scottsdale/Phoenix one dormant insold home at a time you have no idea how many matching the sofa clunkers I see & remove. Blech!!!
    I love your moms work but especially the piece of you at thirteen.

  9. haha Linda, I have two of my young male friend's painting, the other is a print from a book he is of two little girls playing dress up and he said he painted it thinking of me and another friend he had seen doing that as kids. I wish you had a blog! You have great art to show...

  10. Thank you for reminding people to NOT match their artwork with their sofa. I managed a Deck The Walls store for 4 years and it was truly amazing how many people wanted their artwork to match the sofa it hung over.

    We attempted to educate but alas I am sure for many we did not succeed.

  11. To me ART is a 'form of expression which demands interpretation that actuates emotion'. (That's my personal theory.)

    For example: One of my favourite Artwork Collections is that which has been found in the CHAUVET CAVES located in Southern France, and is about 32,000 years old. In my opinion, it is a 'magnificent collection'; whereas if viewed by another they may totally disagree.

    Thank you for sharing 'your collection'. I particularly love the 'Old World Santa'.

    Hugs -Brenda-

  12. I recognize one of those paintings! I have another one I did for you too...

  13. Loved the little lesson in art...especially to NOT match the that...


  14. I love the leopards watercolor! Your husband is a talented artist - but you know that!
    Thank you so much for your kind words on our new blog.


  15. It's so hard to be torn between something sentimental and wanting to change things up. I'm at that place right now and wondering if I put away my grandmother's art and that mirror from my mom, will I ever use them/see them again?

  16. I totally agree with artwork needing to be original and different. For heavens sake don't buy that framed print from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It is so easy to have original even if it is just pressed leaves from your yard framed. (which can be stunning!) ~ Lynn
    P.S. I love that piece of you as a young lady and the piece your husband did. My husband has painted several pieces in our home.