Friday, August 14, 2009


I am always drawn to pink rooms, and yet, I have never had one myself. I know why this is . . . it is because I want all the rooms in my house to flow from room to room and I do not feel that a pink room would do that.
But if I ever get the chance to start over fresh, I promise I will do things differently. I will not be so earthy and safe and I WILL have a pink room, maybe even two.

I am thinking about doing my guest room something like this. Do you like it? I can't decide, I love green and ivory too and those colors would flow in my earthy house so much better. Let's take a poll . . . help me out here, which should I do?

The pop of pink makes this space so hip and fresh. The room is timeless but the pink makes it so now! How do you feel about Pink, do you have a pink room in your castle?


  1. * Perrrrrsonally, Vicky, "I ~ LOVE ~ IT ~ A*L*L!!!"~~~~ Simply scrumpdelicious!!!

    Those "PICS WITH PINKS" left me SMILIN' here~~~ BIG TIME!!! I can't HELP but love it all (I was a "pink GIRL" AND a "pink NEWLYWED", & I STILL love it, even tho we don't HAVE any pink in our house now... at the MOment, anyway!).

    Something 4U to consider (if you haven't already, but I'll BET you have!): I'm in the midst of a T*O*T*A*L redo of our MBR, right down to having the entire fireplace wall restoned, hardwood floors installed (getting rid of the carpeting), etc...... My MAIN "T*H*I*N*G" is to "keep the BASICS NEUTRAL". I just get "ANTSY" & NEED "CHANGE"~ more often than most, I suspect... and by keeping the basics neutral, I'll be able to "GO" just about anywhere, "whenever" I wish, w/ linens, pillows, etc~~~ can't wait til it's "OPERATION COMPLETE" & all put together for us to enjoy!

    So dear girlfriend, "you only live ONCE"! Think you should SERIOUSLY CONSIDER "GOING FOR YOUR PRETTY PINK", keeping all the "background/basics" white or cream, so when you fall "in like" with, say, PURPLE, ORANGE, LEMON or "whatever" next, it's only a shorrrrrt trip to happiness!!!

    Let us know whatchergonnado!!! I LOVE just THINKING about what you'll so beauuuutifully come up with!!! You always DO!!!

    Biggest of hugs for a super weekend,
    Linda *

  2. * P.S. I adoooore those HOT PINK LEATHER CHAIRS in the last pic, ESPECIALLY on that incredible RUG!!!"~~~GO FOR IT, GF!!! XOXO *

  3. * Oh yes, and don't forget (KNOW you WON'T!) the requisite touch/touches of black... and some natural linen would look soooo cool with all of that! Geez, you've got ME ready to redo MY guest room! Yikes! Sorry I took up so much space... I'm just EXCITED for you!!!! XO *

  4. Linda ahead of me spoke for all of us. My favorite room is your white bedroom: restful, peaceful, serene. Add a couple of pillows, and you can have color!

  5. I love those chairs in that second picture! I don't think I've had pink in a room since I was about 8 ~ but I plan on using plenty of pink {and green and black} when I do get to have a new home office in whatever new home we move to. Everyone looks so good with pink, I don't know why we avoid it when it gives our complexion a natural glow.

  6. Oh man I know what you mean. I'm a pretty neutral person but when I see these new rooms and even whole houses done in pink I think to myself, "why not go for it." It is such a fresh and pretty look. I think you should go for it!


  7. I have been seeing so much pink lately in rooms I would not expect to see it in. I do love it, but I don't think all the testosterone in my household would approve. My 14 yr old daughter's room is pink with one wall wide black and pink stripes.
    thanks for thinking pink!!
    xxx kim

  8. I really like the pink!
    Getting ready to bead board a tiny bedroom and she will be painted light pink.
    When finished I will post it.
    Hope this will be soon.
    God bless and have a super week-end,

  9. I don't see why you can't have a pink guest room... the one you show is so pretty and if you pick an "earthy", warm pink that coordinates well with your greens and ivories, you can use them as accent colors to tie the guest room to the rest of the house. And think how much fun it will be for you to "get away" to your own pretty pink guest room once in a while!

  10. I am a chicken when it comes to color but have ventured out just a tad- not vibrant and wild but color- I painted my guest room a pretty pink and just love it!! I would think pink can flow with your other neutrals as long as it is the right shade.

    HEre's my little pink room if you would like to see!

    We have actually used the room for our bedroom when I couldn't get up the stairs with my accident last month. It was a cozy sweet place to dream in!!


  11. I never really liked pink, but when I was around 15 we moved to an apt. that had pink carpet! We all thought we'd hate it but it made all the lighting super I wouldn't promote pink carpet haha but I bet a pink room would be quite lovely. Good luck choosing!

  12. My bedroom is the palest of pinks. I love it, so calming and restful. A bit lighter than your inspiration photo for your guest room. I say scratch that itch, if you hate it, paint it green.


  13. Pink in a room makes you look years younger. (that's what I read anyway). I say go with your soft green and neutral but throw that "pop" of pink there for fun. I will be having a new grand-daughter in December and they are painting the room Ballerina Pink. that! I have so enjoyed rading your blog. Thank you for visiting mine and I hope to see you often. ~ Lynn

  14. Oh like you, I am an earthy girl, so pink had never been one of the colors in my decorating palate. But I sure like looking at it, too. I could live with those chairs in the second pic. I'm still wanting to redo my living room and I want "fun" chairs in there. ~ Robyn

  15. What do I think about pink...well where do I start. I am obsessed with it. all shades of pink just delight me and have since I was a little girl. there are hints of pink scattered throughout my home and I live with all boys. It is the chicest, sweetest color there is. I'm planning to paint my craft room walls in a pink a la Miles fav. designer!!

  16. Hi Vicky, Love the pink. It just makes me happy. My bedroom is latte, pear and raspberry. It just makes me happy to see those little splashes of pink. I've never thought about it, but I guess I have some pink in almost every room.... except the boy's bedrooms! Don't think they would stand for THAT! I say go for it. Just do a pink pillow in a creamy guest room. Delicious!

  17. I am loving the pink! So girly, so chic!


  18. I am in love love love with that
    Windsor Smith room - in love I tell you!

  19. Love that guest room idea...that room is stunning!! Not a huge fan of pink,bits of it are o.k. but I would not want alot of it!! enjoy your day,Chrissy

  20. Gorgeous images. Love them all.

    Thank you for your comment. I very much appreciate it.

  21. 1. I couldn't agree more. I adore pink rooms.
    Go for it!
    2. I dream of my own tiny pink room some day. I want a house with an attic I can make my pink peaceful space.

  22. Great selection of pink rooms - I've never had a pink room either but would love one! Also, thanks for visiting Brabourne Farm and for leaving a comment. Leigh

  23. I love pink. I don't have any in my house now but my first dining room was fuschia rag rolled, it was hot ! I just posted some pink headboards today on my blog, I think you'll like them.

  24. I love the pink dining room chairs! I just did a post about pink recently too!