Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Recipe for a Room ~ Steps 3 & 4

Step 3* Select Your Fabrics : I brought the "White" into the room with the bedding. It is from the Mary Jane Farm line, sold at Belk. $230

The fabric I selected for the drapes and throw pillows had the feel of most of my 5 words . . . cottage, warm, feminine and I would even say patine, as it looks "old". It doesn't take me long to choose a fabric because I know what I want before I go shopping. When I find one that will work I stop looking!

Step 4* The Floor Plan : The first thing I always do is find the "focal "of the space, fireplace, window ect. In the case of a bedroom , the bed will most of the time become the focal. I try to always face the bed to the entry of the room. The main tip for floor plans is to allow for walk ways ect. and to not over furnish the room.
Make a list of what is needed. Can you bring in pieces from other rooms? Measure!
If you are not sure about the floor plan, make yourself a graph and move things around on paper, so much easier than moving heavy furniture around in a space.

I NEVER use sets! I also like to mix finishes, painted pieces with stained pieces ect. The only new piece I used for this room was the bed. I try to do this for clients as well and use pieces that they already own. New pieces can be the "kiss of death" to a room, so be careful!
I had a hard time finding a bed for my room and I think you will be surprise where I got mine. I plan to do a post on it soon.


  1. Great post! Thanks for all of the wonderful advise, the next time I re-do a room I will try to do it this way. Seems I am always trying to "use what I have". Then when I want something in particular, I simply cannot find it. Thanks again, Hugs Cindy S.

  2. I'm having a particular crisis with scale. 2 large rooms on either side of the front door - parlor and dining room. I decided to swap two of the pieces of furniture: put the china hutch in the parlor, secretary in the dining room. I still like that idea, but am wondering if the scale is wrong for the dining room. It feels bottom heavy. I'm not sure if the window treatments I have planned for this space will remedy the situation. I'm not sure if adding more art/ephemera to the walls will remedy the situation. I'm not sure if changing the color of the walls will remedy the situation. How do you balance a room in terms of scale? btw, the chandelier is very large as you might recall. It is clearly the focal point of the room. A large centerpiece arrangement for the table is coming in the next month or so. Sounds really straightforward when you describe it, but I'm all thumbs.

  3. Did you already have the lamps or are they new ? They're pretty !

  4. Lots of good tips here. I have to remember that one needs to review the "box" first and foremost.

  5. I wish I DIDN'T have a set for my bedroom. Unfortunately, we bought the pieces years ago and they are still in good condition.

    You room looks so pretty!

  6. In Feng Shui you're always supposed to have a view of the door from the bed, so I always do that too :) It just feels right, doesn't it.

    I like how you used the same fabric for the cushions and the drapes. Also how you mix pieces, I always thought sets were a bit tacky but I understand why most people just find it easier.

  7. You are a wealth of information! What a gorgeous room and I love the lamps, the bedding, the phone...heck I even love the door!

    Love and hugs,

  8. I don't like "matchy-matchy" in any of my decor. It looks so "store-bought" and anyone can do that. Finding just the right pieces is half the fun...I'm working on that for myself right now in the Master bdrm!

  9. * V-girl~~~ Again, the floors, & NOW the DOOR I just saw, are DIVINE~~~ "OOOOOHS and AHHHS"!!!! Adore too, the MIX of those woods, w/ the wood of that wonderful old chest (n' bunny!?!). Hadn't seen the curtains til now~ they're SOOO charming, and EVEN the VIEW outside your windows "works" just beautifully with this guestroom! (Deeeeeelightful!)~

    BTW, that RUG... didn't you say earlier it was an inexpensive indoor/outdoor, or am I IMAGINING things? IF so, WOW! Did YOU get a deal~~~~ it honestly looks STUNNING here!

    REALIZE it took ALOT of time n' effort but oh, it was WORRRRTH it to get THESE results, girlfriend!

    Love n' kudos,

  10. *** Oh, oh, oh! I almost FORGOT! ~ I wanted to share this w/ you & everyone, "just in case"!

    IF someone is "STUCK" (for WHATEVER reasons), w/ some "matchy-matchy" nightstands, you can have beautiful "slipcovers" made (or can do them yourself, IF you sew well!)~ you can also, obviously, design the "style" that works BEST for you, too!

    I have two, high quality (& the PERFECT size) nightstands that are 5 years new (yes, like others, I broke down 5 years ago & "let" hubby "win"!)...

    I am having tailored "slipcovers" made, w/ piping around the top edges, & topped w/ thick glass~~~ I think it's going to look stunning AND "different", & can't WAIT til I can decide on one of the three top choices & have the seamstress start! It's just a "little" pricey, but I think WELL WORTH IT (& you get to keep the original stands of course...which in my case I LOVED because of the SIZE as well as the quality!)~~

    Hope somebody can use this idea!

    Big hugs again,
    Linda *

  11. room service ~ decorating 101December 3, 2009 at 5:23 AM

    Thanks linda, a great ideal. I have also just seperated the sets into differant rooms. If you want you can paint a coffee table and leave the end tables stained. I have done that too. And for your question Linda, my rug is a interior only, but it was a "Cheapo" from Lowes, just fine for a "no wear" room like mine. Thanks

  12. Hi Vicky, The bed IS amazing! I can't wait for the post. I would buy that fabric in a second. So soft and beautiful. I also LOVE a room that has been aquired and not bought all at once. Unless you get one lucky day at a flea market. Wouldn't that be fun to find that many treasures in one day? Thanks for this post series.

  13. I like this room very much as well as the fabric for the drapes, my only thought it that perhaps the drapes should be lined as you can see light through them. I feel as though you put a lot of thought and love into this "box" as you call it... lol Good job girl and oh, by the way, I agree about the comments, sometimes I feel the same.

  14. C.J. the drapes are lined, the sun was just really shining. Thanks

  15. Hi,
    You stated you had selected the fabric for your drapes. Did you make them or have them made for you? What is your preference for length?
    Touching the floor? 1/2" off the floor?
    Puddling on the floor?

  16. Mary, I just now found your question. I had the drapes made, and most the time I like the fabric to be touching the floor. Thanks for commenting.