Thursday, February 19, 2009

Building Character into a New Home

The youthfulness of a recently built home can artfully be disguised by the details and unexpected surprises that one can tuck into the corners of a fresh new space. Designer Brooke Giannetti has managed to do this beautifully in her own "Newer" home.
It's the unique and unusual vintage pieces like the large mirror that was once a window in a church... the architectural corbel that came from a older home in New Orleans that magically turn ones interiors into rooms with character.

Flea market finds like Brooke's painting casually tacked to the wall whispers of a past life once lived. Wood board walls and built-in shelving add lovely character to this newer home. Do you need to add a bit of character to your castle?
*For more of Brooke's work, be sure to check out her blog, "Velvet & Linen !"


  1. I'll have to go and check out her website. Lovely and thanks always for the inspiration.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. im most certainly checking out her website, these pictures are beautiful. I too live in a simple basic almost 2 year old house and it has no character. thanks for sharing

  3. Oh my gosh this is beautiful!! I LOVE this soft, romantic look! :-) L~

  4. Yeah, I'm loving that room. I instantly noticed the beadboard on the ceiling. I did that to the ceiling of our first home's family room. It reminds me of my Gramma's front porch.

  5. Hey,sweetie,come to my house and pick up your award.Beautiful ideas here...Ann

  6. I took a tour through Brooke's home and it is absolutely stunning. I think my favourite space was the Breakfast Room.

    Re "adding some character to my castle", I'm afraid at this point and time, I could use twenty pairs of hands to help me upgrade it and give it a new fresh look. With many spaces to do, the question is where to start?
    Sincerely wishing YOU were my neighbour! Hugs

  7. Thank you Vicky!
    I'm so touched that you would do a post about my home.
    It is an honor to be mentioned are your beautiful blog.


  8. I concur. I like the idea and practice of introducing things from the past into a "new" environment. It seems to add a freshness to the old and a bit of "almost antiquity" to the new, and somehow a completeness to the whole.

  9. Looks like a beautiful website. I'll certainly visit!

    Beautiful post!

  10. I like vintage items like that. I love architectural salvage pieces!...Christine

  11. Oh! I like the "feel" of your blog. I just found you.

    It really takes some extra thought to make a new home feel personal. Love the pictures you show and your post further down about who you really are as far as decorating. My post from Wed. sort of said similar thoughts.

  12. Yummy post Vickster! But you know that far side cartoon where the owner is speaking to their dog...and what the dog hears is blah blah blah..Spot...blah blah...Spot?...Well substitute that painting for me! I could see virtually nothing else! It's soooo stunning! So I'll just have to come back when my head has cleared....and hope that painting doesn't grab ALL my attention again *winks* Vanna

  13. Hi Vicky I totally agree,we bought our home in the 70s in a typical Calif suburban neighborhood and over the years we have added architectural elements and mouldings to give the cracker box type rooms some character.I used an old victorian fretwork off of a porch of a San Francisco Victorian over my bathtub in my guest bath,it has always been a fun touch. I love the old with the new.Great post,Kathysue

  14. Linda/ "Mom..."February 21, 2009 at 7:44 PM

    I just LOVE coming here, Vicky~~~ everything you do/write/show is an elegant, easy read & so pleasing to the eye!!! (Well, BOTH of them, actually!)~~~ I "found" Brooke's site a while back & marked it on my favs ~ lovely, lovely taste she has! Thanks so much for a terriffic time! XO, Linda

  15. I thought that was Brooke's Home; so California isn't it?


  16. Hi,

    It really takes some extra thought to make a new home feel personal.....