Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feeling Blue

The color blue has been associated with just about every fashion trend ~ a blue and white color combination has been used all through history. Symbolically, it signifies constancy: think of the phrase "true blue friend".

But as with any color, it is not for everyone. Virginia designer Barry Dixon uses blue sparingly in his projects: "The temperature goes down five degrees in a blue room," he says, "and it can be very unflattering to the skin".
I agree with Mr. Dixon and rarely use blue in any of my own projects. I challenged myself to find blue rooms for you that I too find appealing. I love this room, it is the guest room of Joni at COTE DE TEXAS (Be sure to check out her great blog for more of her work.)

I find for me to enjoy blue rooms , most the time they must include lots of neutrals, texture and dark wood. I also believe that the inside of a home should echo the outside, such as in the case of a beach home ect. I am feeling the blues with these rooms, so tell me how about you?


  1. Love the first piece of furniture. Kathy

  2. LOVE Tiffany blue the best... there is nothing better than little blue boxes with white ribbons! Pretty rooms! LOVE the first cabinet!

  3. I really agree with you about needing lots of textures to warm up a blue room. But I really love blue rooms when done right, with lots of neautrals and texturs.. Here's a link to my little boy's nursery that I think works:

  4. Vicky, The pictures are beautiful, I don't think I'd want to live with blues very long though. Case in point, a couple of years ago,I painted our newly remodeled & very tiny commode room a beautiful shade of light, almost periwinkle blue. The commode is a biscuit color and the tile floors are a sandy color similar to a travertine. I loved the color of my car at the time & matched the paint chip to the car. Yes, I was in the parking lot of the paint store holding up paint chips to the car... Loved it for awhile, but I'm over it now. I detest painting, especially in tiny areas and have too much to do in the rest of the house, so looks like I'll have a blue commode room for awhile. ☺ Diane

  5. lauren, I found your nursery , it is adorable. And a great blue room. Your baby is so cute too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I like robin blue with dark brown wood and I like it also with cream or off white for a beach theme....Christine

  7. Oh I'm a 'blue' person but prefer it in accessories. Have a dash of it in every room of my home. The only area that is 'painted' blue is a small Powder/Laundry room. It is a very soft watercolor blue and works well there. (Clean 'n fresh.)

  8. Last year, we painted our dining room Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua. The ceiling is SW Topsail...on the same card. We have wainscoting and other trim in white and dark pieces of furniture. Including my mother's china cabinet from the 20's or 30's. Botanical prints in dark frames are on the wall, seen from the foyer. The chairs are slipcovered in white or rather a tad offwhite. The table is round. There are no window treatments. I've used Lenox pieces in ivory, atop Mother's cabinet and my white china, etc on shelves. I love that blue room!!! Never thought I'd have a blue room.

    Joni's guest room is one of my all time favorite rooms!

    My dining room can be found by clicking the decorating label on my kitchen island post. There are befores and afters.

  9. I like the color blue, but like you I really don't incorporate it into my decor. Except for Jacob's room. His carpeting is denim blue, his bed, nightstand and shelves (all crafted by his Grampa) are cadet blue and his armoire is a rich antique oak. If he ever cleaned his room I'd take a picture -LOL! ~ Robyn

  10. WOW! thanks so much !!! love that guest room - who is the great designer???? :) haha

    thanks again!

  11. Oh I LOVE that first blue piece!!! Thanks for sharing all the blues. Gorgeous.

  12. Linda/ "Mom..."February 25, 2009 at 9:00 PM

    * Sweets, that first piece is "KILLER FAB!", and Joni, "Miss Talented Personified!" has an UBER CHARMING guest room! All in all, I LOVE the blues, but do NOT "have them", except for a bit in our MBR. It works there. I honestly love it's soooothing, cooling quality, as that room overlooks the desert, pool, city & beautiful blue desert sky~~~ It's certainly not "designer-perfect" (nothing is, in our home anyway!), or "for everyone", but WE sure like it. I think, too, it DOES take a "true talent" to be able to do "justice" to the blue family, a talent I certainly don't have but some sure do! Another wonnnnderful blog tonight, and I thank you! Just delightful, my dear pal! XO, Linda

  13. I have seen some beautiful blue rooms. Blue does not seem to be in my color wheel for decorating though-

    That chucky chest is an awesome piece of furniture-


  14. Hey Girlfriend...

    I'm so glad that you stopped by my place for a visit...and thank you so much for your sweet comments! Yeppers, I've been playing...hehe! I do apologize for being so late to come by...shame on me!!!

    Girl, I just went through this post and your last...I sure am enjoying your blog!!! You have included some gorgeous room photos and have such great decorating information...I really love that!!! I'm just a little guy...a self-professed decorator at best (wink!) I love reading blogs where design info is the topic! In fact, you're such a talented lady...feel free to give me any advice in regards to my frenchy studio/office!!!

    Well my friend, I love the blue photos that you you, I don't have much of that color in my home! I love Joni's guest bedroom though...Ooohhh!!!

    And...(okay, I'm going on and on but...) I loved your post about the dance! I need all the help I can get in regards to accessorizing and vignettes, etc. Loved reading your tips! Thank you for sharing them!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day, Sweetie!
    Love ya,

  15. Instead of the unlimited blue of the sky, I am drawn more to the finite limits of Terra Firma. I find that I am more into green and the lighter earth tones than blue. So, in my larger areas I tend to go with neutrals.

    I do however have a guest bedroom with blue valances over mini blinds and several blue accents scattered about the room. The wall paper is neutral in color.

  16. Great food for thought on decorating with blue! I LOVE the bedroom!! L~

  17. I love Joni's room, too.
    It will be featured in an upcoming issue of Better Homes & Garden soon. Lovely!! cheers, -s

  18. I am not a blue person either but I do like a light gray blue...very calming.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site! I love hearing what all you talented gals have to say..I will post when I complete the job. Because I do love mirrors I always have my eyes open, I like different and very interesting syles so finding just the right one is sometimes challenging.

  19. I would NEVER THINK of putting zebra with blue.But it's not too bad is it?,,,Ann