Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do Her Friends Call Her Candy ?

Canada's Interior designer Candice Olson does not need a introduction ... if you are a lover of design , I am sure you know her.
Her signature style incorporates creativity, practicality and timelessness creating sophisticated but accessible design.

She likes to call her style, "Contemporary modern with a touch of the unexpected." I would say, "She got it right."

Due to her popular shows on HGTV, she is one of today's most recognized interior designers. We can't seem to get enough of her classic, modern, sleek, chic and warm, with a nod to traditional spaces.

She is one designer that would sure be welcomed to my home ... what about yours?


  1. Bring her on - I could sure use her in my livingroom! I love Candice (and Chico, too.) ~ Robyn

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog - it has been so encouraging to be provided with such support.
    I don't get HGTV in Australia, so thanks for introducing me to this designer!

  3. I would love to have her come here. She has not redone a room that I did not like...Christine

  4. yeap i agree,she is one of my favorites...

  5. Design in which you can actually see yourself living-- how novel!
    Best, Nadine

  6. Ahhh Candice, she is definitely one of my favourite American Designers. Love the way she incorporates 'classic' in all the Design Styles she does, plus to me she is 'the master & magician of lighting'.

    Do you know the Canadian Designer, Sarah Richardson? (HGTV Canada) Their Design Styles are extremely similar.

    In either case, I would not be hesitant to hand over my house keys to either one of them. "Go for it ladies"! SMILES -Brenda-

  7. I always enjoyed her show on HGTV but we don't have that channel anymore.I do miss her and Sarah Richardson as well.

  8. I will google Sarah Richardson, no, I do not know her work. Thanks

  9. I love EVERYTHING she does....haven't seen a design of hers I didn't like. Fun post....thanks!

  10. * V~ I thought "Candace/Candy/Cutie" was a "kindly, kooky n' quite talented designer" when I saw her VERY F*I*R*S*T show. THENNNNNN I watched the second. THENNNNN, her third, etc. AND NOW, I soooo LOVE HER WORK (& adore HER "personable personality"!)~~~ & I can't even IMAGINE N*O*T loving ANYTHING she's ever created!~~~~~

    So, "VISIT" us??? Heck, she's one of the VERY FEW on this EARTH that I'd move OUT of my house for, A*N*D give her pretty much COMPLETE control!!! (And my Jim can attest that's QUITE a statement!)...She never misses as beat~~~ or a detail!

    More kudos, once again, on a fabulous spot you've created here, Vicky! (And BTW, one of the things I MOST LOVE about your "blog" is that it's short, sweet n' to the point! Keeps one's interest up!)~~~

    Must run for now...
    XOXO, Linda (and Belle, too!)*

  11. Oh, my all time favorite and the only designer that I would feel comfortable handing over the keys to my home. I could use her expertise in my workroom/office! It definitely needs her touch. One of my clients applied to the show last year but was told that Candice only does homes in Canada. Wish we could twist her arm. I also love Sarah Richardson and yes, their design style is very similar. Here's an interesting tidbit. Divine Design underwrites all the "hard pieces" (cabinetry, lighting, any structural changes, anything that becomes part of the home), the homeowners are only responsible for rugs, furniture, accessories, etc. I always wondered how that worked!

  12. Good one Vicky! She's my favorite designer. The first picture was the inspiration for my cabinets on the window wall in the MBR. (Remember the ones that we haven't painted yet???) ♥ Diane

  13. Oh, I love Candace! She's one that I'd let into my house to do anything she wanted & I'd leave & come back to be surprised. She is awesome.

  14. There is about a handful of designers I would give free rein of my home and Candice is among them. Thanks for all the great comment.

  15. YES...YES...YES i watch her everyday on the womans network, her work is awesome and i too would give her the keys to my house and leave for a week and let her do as she pleases and not worry for one minute, she is amazing!

    thanks for stopping by to visit a drum stool and this is the end of the collection, too much just will become too much and boring for me.....yes last one, i this one will stay in our bedroom or when i give the bathroom some life it may go in there, with some nice towels stacked on top, ya know those towels that the kids are forbidden to touch..ha ha

  16. I've been a fan of Candice Olson since the first time I saw her at work! Fabulous designer. Every project makes sense, when she works her magic!!!

  17. Yes! yes!
    BTW: I just knew the response to the response question was going to be easy. Duh. Thanks! ha. I am, at last, feeling a better. I appreciate you asking. You got one of my pairs! thanks, Vicky. -susan

  18. Vicki, I have always loved Candice Olson. She is one of my favorites.

    I don't know if her friends call her Candy. But, my daughter "Candace" is called "Candy " by most everyone. Including her mom!

    Have a beautiful day!! Hugs, Terrie

  19. Hey you.... almost back up and running thank goodness!! Yes, I adore Candice, how I could I not she got her start here in Canada on a local t.v. show years ago...she does awesome work thats for sure, think she still lives in Toronto too.Anyway, off to work hope to catch up next week, all the best Chrissy

  20. Hi Vicky...

    Ohhh yes, I love Candice Olsen! I watch her show on HGTV whenever I get the chance! She is one designer that I can honestly say...that I have always liked everything that she does!

    Love that living room done in creamy whites, soft shades of blue and green! Fabulous!

    Love ya,

  21. is her new website
    and then theres thats her old show...
    You will find her tv shows on line at look under Sarah's House and Sarah's will enjoy Tommy too
    Enjoy the shows
    Regards, CAM

  22. Oh yes I almost forgot
    that was Sarah's first show and all the room pictures and paint colors etc are still on the web...

  23. I love her and her work, so fresh and classy ! I never would have thought to call her Candy but I bet I will from now on.

  24. I've been watching Candice for years and love her fabulous sense of style and design!! I love how she puts everything together...her description in everything she does lets you understand why she picks and pulls everything together. She has given me great ideas and inspiration and WOW what a great sense of style! I would love to have her come to my home too! She's fantastic, and honestly my favorite designer. Beedahhh...awesome!!

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