Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This photo was my first down load for Rate my Space... this is the room that I made friends with....
I've noticed that most people are not luke warm when it comes to murals, they either love or hate them.

I think it all depends on the artist. If the artist is good, you will love the mural , if not... not so much.

In my opinion a home is usually only large enough for one mural, regardless of it's size .

They do limit ones designs choices, but unlike wallpaper, they are easy to get rid of ! How do you feel about murals?


  1. Love 'em! I fell in love with them when I first triped across all the Zuber Murals in Colonial Homes Magazine...long ago. Your's is beautiful! :-) Susan

  2. I love them, especially the first one and next to the last one! So pretty. I don't have one...wish I did.

  3. They can be wonderful when done well. The photos you have shown are beautiful! I have a very talented friend who did a western mural in his boys' room and it is fabulous!!

  4. I remember your dining room from RMS and LOVED it then and LOVE it now. My brother painted a mural on a wall in my first house for me and I hated leaving it behind. He's so busy now that I probably could never get him to do another. It was so cute, it was a a field of wildflowers - mostly daisies (my favorite) with a little schnauzer standing in it. The dog looked so realistic. Actually, everything looked realistic. I wonder if the current owners still have it on the wall? It would be sad to think they painted over it. (The first couple that looked at our home bought it - they supposedly loved everything about it.) ~ Robyn

  5. I adore murals in entry ways and dining rooms. Outside of those 2 areas I don't have much use for them. Of course, this is just my tastes only and other individuals think differently and aren't we glad that everyone isn't the same? Typically, murals overshadow the hanging of art or scones and etc on the walls. There tends to be too many competing elements when they are all together.

  6. I Love your murals! I have wallpaper in my dining room that is a middle easter mural type and I don't like it at all! The colors and depiction is just not me.

    I would love to to somewhat of a mural on my slider doors - I don't think I am artsy enough to take up the challenge though!


  7. Vicki, I love murals. Do you remember my garage?

  8. Yes, I remember it. I didn't know it was the first one you posted though. I love them all.

  9. Hi Vicky...

    Oooh...you know that I just adore the mural in your dining room! I loved it the moment I seen it!!! It really is one of the prettiest that I've seen and it just makes your dining room!!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us...

    I just read your note that you left on my stained glass post. I'd just love to have you join in with Sunday Favorites...if you go to the little Sunday Favorites picture on the right hand side of my blog and click on it...I have all the info on how to copy a post! If you have any more questions...just let me know, Sweetie!!!

    Love ya,

  10. I have painted murals for 32 years and they are all diffrent. I never do the same thing . Each is changed to fit that person and an item or place where they met is added to the painting. A memorie is added to each painting to make it special to them. I have never gotten tired of giving people memories.Kathy

  11. OC, it is not the first one...I always decide on my photos and write my text on a peice of paper before I make my post. Well, last min. I changed my mind on the first picture! I was going to change the text, but old habits are hard to break and I forgot... my dining room was my first post, but not that photo.

  12. anonymous, very good points! I tend to like foyers and dining rooms best too. I don't think you can do much else with the space once a mural is on the wall, it's done...thanks for sharing!

  13. I've done some mural painting...many years ago, before vertigo kept me from climbing ladders. I did one in a business here in town that was painted over by the new owner, much to the chagrin of the previous owner. I knew when I painted them, eventually, the murals would be covered. Some still exist, though...which is nice to know.

    I painted one in the master bath and one small one in a hallway of our home on the farm. I didn't paint any here.

    At the lake, I painted some boat paddles and a gull on the walls of one of the guest rooms at the lake. I often think about painting over them. J would not like doing that...so they stay for now.

    I'm giving some thought to the one photo challenge. Will post it soon.

  14. I still remember the very first time I saw your wonderful dining room ... the blue chairs and farm style first captured my attention AND THEN the mural - so wonderfully done!

  15. Yours is gorgeous!

    I had two in this house when we moved in and painted over them so fast it made my head spin. The old owner came back after and just looked at me in shock and said "You painted over them?"
    YUP! My 18 year old had no use for a lake and deer in his bedroom.
    It's so personal and just depends on your own taste, colors and decor.
    There is a woman down the street who has my same floor plan, and she had ROME painted in her 2 1/2 story high entry, staircase and downstairs halls - INLCUDING ON THE CEILINGS! It's over the top. They had their home on the Home Tour and biggest negative was the mural. They also tried to sell their house a few years ago and the realtor said everyone walked in and instantly thought "$10,000 to paint these super tall walls and ceilings!

    So I would say - I love murals. . . the right mural in the right room for the right person. But if you have any inkling of an idea that you are going to be moving in the next 5 years, I wouldn't do it, because you'll most likely need to paint over them when it comes time to sell.

    But they are sure a lot easier than wallpaper!

    Wonderful post! Again, your room is gorgeous.


  16. Very good point Karen! I took a look at the pictures and thought about if I purchased a home with any of these in it would I keep them...I like my own...lol and the other dining room one, but the others would be painted over asap.

  17. You are so funny! The one in my (then) 15 year old's room was a race car track! Yes, it was beautifully done, but . . . he just looked at me and said "Mom, are you kidding?" LOL

  18. Vicky, I do recall your beautiful mural.

    As the subject is Murals, to me nothing can dress up an old dilapidated building like a panoramic Mural can.

    If you have a few minutes, you might like to log on to www.muralmosaic.com Town of Cochrane CANADA. These murals are extremely unique in the way which they have been created and 'a feast for the eyes'. Sheer genius!

    HAVE A SUPER week my friend. Hugs -Brenda-

  19. did you paint that yourself? it's really great!!! I love murals. one i really loved - well it was kind of a mural - was at turkey hill - on the staircase. that is beautiful. the second picture on your blog is gorgeous too.
    the real Joni

  20. You know, I have never really thought about having a mural in a room. I do like the idea of having one though I guess it would depend on the scene. You have a really nice one in your room.

    Thanks for sharing, Nicole

  21. Thanks Brenda, I will be checking out the website.

  22. Love the dining room! The mural really warms up and personalizes this room. As usual, beautiful photos. thanks for sharing,

  23. I love murals haven't been brave enough to have any done though

  24. give me a beautiful mural and i could most certainly do one. Love your dining area Vicky and your mural is beautiful, i bet you enjoy being in this room.