Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blue and Green

Most people love the color blue . . . but for me , it has to be part of the blue and green combo. I think that comes from the blue sky and green earth that I love so much.
I always try to use blue whenever I have something to design outdoors. And with that touch of yellow in the flowers . . . pure heaven.

Without the green striped chairs, I would not like this room at all. But somehow with the crisp green it really works. Two cool colors together . . . who knew.

Yes, I take a lot of teasing about my dislike of blue. People just can not understand it. My daughter tries to get me something blue every year for Christmas . . . she is mean like that. Joni, from Cote De Texas once reminded me that my favorite color, "Green" was just blue with a bit of yellow in it . . . Is there a color that you too dislike, what is it?


  1. Hi! Lovely photos.

    Blue was never a favorite color for me, but over the past few years it's grown on me. Maybe I like the updated blues I see now?

    Least favorite color? Builder beige. And purple, I just can't seem to be friends with purple.

  2. I've never been a fan of blue either (except for when I was little and a UNC fan) but it has been growing on me also. My master bath is blue !

  3. I am a lover of blue but have heard the same opinion you have of blue many times. Love green...almost any version...too.
    Purple is my favorite color in the garden yet my LEAST favorite in home decor. I don't even SEE a room if purple is dominant in it.

  4. Hummm what a great question. O I know! I despise purple.

  5. I used to be a totally blue person. I still like it but in small doses, i.e. I have beach glass blue on the back of my kitchen cabinets but my walls are a honeydew melon green. I actually just did a post about my bedroom walls, let me know what you think.

    I think the one color I can't do anymore at all is light pink. When I was shabby chic, I had so much pink it looked like my house threw up cotton candy. I can take fuschia but it has to be with orange or green. Great post.


  6. As you know Vicky I am BIG FAN of BLUE. Haven't come across a one that I didn't care for yet. I just find it is a versatile color that can be paired with just about any other with maybe the exception of Orange.

    Considering how I have always teased you about GREEN it is actually my 2nd favourite color, however I find the choices in fabric selection somewhat limited,(at least here in Canada) thus feel a little intimidated to use it. (I cud use a Post please on Living Spaces, for some badly needed inspiration.) Thirdly, if Sarah Richardson or Candice Olson offered me their services, I would love to try purple throughout my whole home, but that ain't about to happen...smiles.

    With no intention to offend; the one color that I have to admit I detest in the use of home decor is..... PINK. Though I have seen many rooms done beautifully in it, I know personally I wud tire of it very quickly.

    Super post Vicky!
    Hugs.... -Brenda-
    P.S: That is my workout for my finger today. :)

  7. I have been seeing lots of blue and green and I think they look so great together. But, like you I really do not like blue as the main color, I think I just had too much of it in the '90's. It is too cold and bland. Thank you for your kind remarks re: my blog. I appreciate it. Hugs, Cindy S.

  8. Every colour can be beautiful! It depends with what other colour it is combined, to my opinion!
    Love this post!


  9. * Top o' the mornin' t' ya!!!

    GREET (above) just took the words right off my keyboard~~~ couldn't agree w/ her more!!!

    What you've shared here this a.m. is SOOO "HAPPY"~~~ puts a big SMILE on one's face!!! (And does everyone know that picnic table set-up is ACTUALLY ON Y*O*U*R WONDERFUL PROPERY???)~~~

    And BTW, V-girl, the computer DID eat up my (long!) note yesterday... basically what I had said was that I LOVE IT when you share photos of YOUR home and environment... makes us all feel like we know you even a bit better!!! Pleeeease sweetie.... MORE of those!!!

    XOXO for a BEAUUUUTIFUL Wednesday!!!

    Linda * (and "The Belle-girl, of COURSE!)

  10. I so agree with this; a one color room feels like a tomb, no place to distract you, grab your attention. Loved your previous vignette.

  11. I love blue! I tried not to for a long time because I didn't want to seem so ordinary and "bourgeois"... you know, blue being the color most people say is their favorite... But I finally realized that it makes me happy so it should be in my house. Not by itself though. There is also a lot of yellow, some green, some red... again, colors that make me happy. I recognize that image with the sripedy chairs from somewhere... because I liked it so much the first time!

  12. That first photo is gorgeous. I have always lovedd blue, but when we got our first place for some reason I couldn't decorate with it- I started using green more. Now in this home I'm bringing back my blue..but a grey-blue ...I've missed it lol and you are right it is great with green :0)

  13. the gardeners cottageSeptember 2, 2009 at 2:40 PM

    I could not be happy in a purple room. I get really tired of it really fast. Don't know why.


  14. I'm joining the anti-pink group for home decor -- with the exception of little girl's rooms I can find no redeeming qualities in this color when it comes to home decor -- even in shades of rose it pains me. On the other hand, if there's one thing I adore it's blue glass -- aah, makes my heart sing to see it.

  15. Brenda, what kind of living spaces are wanting to see? And thanks so much for your kinds words yesterday.

  16. Thanks everyone for commenting, if I did not get back to you please forgive me. I am just so tired...helping my son in law put down hard wood flooring. They plan to be moving into thier new home in a week if all goes well. I will do a post on it as soon as I can.

  17. I HATE the color orange! It makes me see i mean orange...i like red....But orange makes me...crazy!

  18. V,
    I am not a blue person either and much prefer green...the apple green is my fave! But I do have some accents of blue with green in one of my bdrms in the pillows.


  19. First of all Vicky, re my words yesterday you are welcome. (Hope your Mother read it as she raised one very special person.)

    Re spaces; would love to see some Main living areas using Green. Such as a Family Room, Living Room, Kitchen and perhaps a Bedroom.
    Honestly, I am totally perplexed how to use it. I'm definitely suffering from a 'mental block' as I can only visualize it with white, neutral earth tones and of course 'blue'. Can you cure me? (Grin)

  20. I love the color green - I like to use it downstairs, as you can see the greenery in the outside from the downstairs room - I love how the inside and the outside work together. Sometimes I sit in my living room (which has a green Tibetan wool rug in there) and love to look from the green on the inside to the trees outside - so beautiful.

    I love blue upstairs. My bedroom is blue - and guess what I see outside my bedroom - the blue sky. I like how they work together, but I also see the tops of the trees, and I love how the green of the leaves works with the blue of the sky and then works with my environment.

    I have had a blue bedroom for many, many years. I wonder whether I will need to change my bedroom colors when I have a master on the main in my next house? Interesting thought.